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What is Phenom Preps?

Phenom Preps™ is a subsidiary entity of Phenom Elite® that performs as a football recruiting digital platform. Phenom Preps provides recruiting resources for parents, coaches, as well as showcase camps, combines, player evaluations, and star rankings.

Phenom Preps™ is a mission-based entity focused on one significant principle:

To provide phenomenal recruiting resources and promotional tools that disrupt the traditional recruiting industry.

Meet our Founder

Nathan Dorton, CEO and Founder of Phenom Elite, transformed a $65 loan into a trailblazing sports apparel empire. Beginning as a walk-on at Appalachian State University, he reimagined the football gloves used by his team. Today, Phenom Elite is a top manufacturer and online retailer, renowned for its partnerships with NFL legend Randy Moss and as the Arena Football League's official apparel provider.

Phenom Elite, also holding a licensing deal with Warner Media and DC Comics, excels in producing quality gloves, footwear, apparel, uniforms, and protective gear for all play levels. The company epitomizes innovation and quality, from design to on-field performance, catering to diverse teams nationwide.


Phenom Elite® ("Phenom") commits to a clear mission: Crafting phenomenal, innovative products that redefine the sporting goods industry, with a focus on optimal athletic performance.

Our approach? We disrupt [dis·rupt] the norm, transforming standard sporting gear into pioneering products that elevate your team's brand and pursuit of excellence. The partnerships we forge are central to Phenom Elite's identity, tailoring to each team's unique needs.

At Phenom, we don't just engineer top-tier sporting equipment; we seamlessly integrate advanced technology with striking design, ensuring our products not only perform superbly but also look impressive.